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Lisabo is a place where fashion meets the multifaceted beauty of nature.

Founded in 2020, Lisabo is a Ukrainian women’s clothing brand that draws inspiration from the unique philosophy of nature.

From mysterious forests and exotic jungles to the depths of the oceans, every element of the natural world lends a part of its nourishing energy to our collections.

The power of nature is woven into the very root of our brand, which stems from the name, which contains the word “forest”. At Lisabo, we explore the primordial magic of the forest while creating clothing that resonates with the spirit of today’s nymphs.

Our collections feature animalistic and floral prints, juxtaposed with elegant feather and flower decorations – iconic natural elements that remind us of the brand’s soul.

Lisabo is an ethical brand that embodies cruelty-free practices and excludes the use of animal skin in its collections. We work diligently to utilize all fabric scraps, transforming them into exquisite flowers, ruffles and other intricate decor, ensuring sustainable production.

Join us on a journey that combines the harmony between fashion and the natural world. Lisabo invites you to experience the primal power of the forest by discovering clothing that appeals to the nymph within you.

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All the items which are exclusively made to order (pre-order) are not subject to exchange and
returns.Confirming an order, you agree to the refund policy.Please email us lisaboinfo@gmail.com concerning all inquiries.


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